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A Real Heavy Metal Song - Lyrics By Battlecry

I've been waiting a long time for this.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Berserker of the Band Blutdurst; they recorded a song using Battlecry-generated lyrics! It's called "Victory" and you can download it for free on their website (in German) or listen to it on their MySpace page.

Update 2014-03-21: Both sites are offline now.

Below are the full lyrics to the song.

Awesome work - keep it coming, guys! :-)


Let the beer learn to lose tonight
You will pray before my ride 
Victory is our religion
Let us always end for the prison
Fall, prepare, fear
The gods die near
Suffer the insane sharpness of the war cry
The religion of mighty stone till high

The light of fear ride 
Let us lose tonight
We will sacrifice under our end
Let the religion of bell defeat 
For the wars of the ashes we'll beat
Out of the king of the war cry we spend

Prepare the tear of the heavy ride 
Let the last gen of rock for the two gods tonight
Of the spell of the souls we shall burn
To the Thor of the army we learn
Into the stars of the time we forgive
Under the devil of the angel we live
Before the sight of the might we pound 
Ride the mighty wise of the frightening ground


The king shall be defeated into our light
Let the heavy metal love the stars, fight tonight
Wood broken into my believers 
Call to rule, time to call! 

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