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SuperTux Sheet Music

Today I received an email from an eight-year-old SuperTux fan asking whether there were sheets available for the SuperTux music so he could play it on the piano. I remembered that I did a quick-and-dirty piano arrangement of the Credits Theme at the SuperTux Developers' Meeting in May, but when I found it and looked at it, I realized that it was not very playable at all. So I did a completely new arrangement that makes a lot more sense than the old one. And, of course, I'm not gonna keep it to myself, so here it is:

SuperTux Credits Theme sheets for piano,
a matching MIDI file,
and the new arrangement in Ogg Vorbis format for your listening pleasure. :-)

Feedback on this would be much appreciated, so if you tried playing it please let me know how it worked out, if it was too hard or too easy, etc. - of course, recordings of live performances are very welcome, too. :-)

If there's a demand for it, I'll rearrange more songs.


Update 1:
I found that there are still some notes left that even the largest hands won't be able to reach on the keyboard. If you come across those, simply leave them out, I'll update the sheet shortly.

Update 2:
The sheets are revised now, the unplayable notes are removed. Simply download them again using the link above.

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