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Here you can download most of the music I created in Ogg Vorbis format. Rosegarden sources (.rg) and MIDI files (.mid) are available for some; missing ones are currently only available upon request. Some of the songs are also available for streaming at my page. Watch this page for updates.

SuperTux Soundtrack

  • Milestone 2 Theme (2004/2005) - (rg|mid)

    The SuperTux theme song in the updated version for Milestone 2. I tried to capture three aspects of Tux, the game's main character, that I never thought would fit together so well: He's cute, he's heroic, and he's geeky. :-) The Theme also has a bit of a medley character, including a variation of a melody from each world - which means that the song will be updated with each world that is added to the game.

  • The Cave (Milestone 2 Version) (2004/2006) - (rg|mid)

    The music that is played in the caves of Icy Island. This is an updated version I made for Milestone 2 using MIDI gear instead of the Amiga mod format I used in the original one. You can hear drops of water falling to the ground and echoeing through wide stone hallways trying to create a feeling of being lost in a cold, dark place.

  • The Fortress (Milestone 2 Version) (2004/2006) - (rg|mid)

    The original Fortress tune that can be heard in Milestone 1 is the first tune I made for the game, and also the first self-composed song I ever published. This is the updated version, again using MIDI gear instead of Soundtracker. There's nothing really special to it, except maybe for an unexpected change in the melody.

  • Boss Attack (2005/2006) - (rg|mid)

    This song is played during the battle of Tux vs. Mr Ice Guy, the boss of World 1. It's a simple but driving, fast-paced, guitar-heavy tune. I'm currently working on a "live" version of this one using actual guitars and keys (see below).

  • Boss Attack '07 (2007)

    The new version of Boss Attack, this time recorded with a real electric guitar. I also played with some effects; the result is a song that sounds less artificial and sterile than the original. I'm not fully content with it yet, so this file might change in the future without warning. I want to replace the lead guitar with a real one, too, and maybe record the piano part as well.

  • Forest Dance (2005/2006) - (rg|mid)

    The first of three background tunes for the light forest world of Milestone 2. The main melody is played by a flute and accompanied by strings which give the song a nice light-hearted dance feeling.

  • Rabbit Holes (2005/2006) - (rg|mid)

    The second forest song. Again, the melody is played by flutes but this time accompanied by a brass section which, added to the overall darker melody, make this one perfect for underground levels. Like Forest Dance, there is a tracked version of this song somewhere out there, but it never made it into the game.

  • Riding The Wind (2006) - (rg|mid)

    The third forest song; this time I tried to capture the image of Tux jumping through green tree-tops high above the ground. I also tried to pay more attention to percussion instruments than in the other forest songs.

  • Ghost Forest Theme (2005) - (rg|mid)

    An eerie melody that is played in the Ghost Forest levels. I tried to create a strong contrast between the two worlds while leaving intact the general "forest"-atmosphere. Also, this song tries to build up tension for the grand finale of the forest world.

  • Dark Forest Keep (2005) - (rg|mid)

    Dark Forest Keep - the place where the final battle of the forest world will take place. The accompanying sound track is a dark, majestic, melancholic, baroque-style theme inspired by the Castlevania series' soundtrack and by grand master Johann Sebastian Bach (who probably inspired the Castlevania soundtrack composers). This is one of my personal favourites.

  • Dark Forest Keep (Symphonic Remix) (2009) - (mp3)

    This is a remix of the song above - rendered using a professional orchestra sample library which makes it sounds a lot more realistic and provides a much deeper atmosphere. If you like the original, you should definitely check this one, too.

  • Tux Victorious (2005) / Level Done (2004)

    Level Done is, as you probably have guessed, the short melody that is played whenever Tux finishes a level; a variation can be found here. Tux Victorious is one of my attempts to give Level Done a makeover; but since it was considered too "epic" by all of the team members, we didn't use it in the game. I think it would be fun to have a recognizable tune for a victorious Tux, so whenever you make a game starring Tux, feel free to use any of the them as a rewarding melody. Or play them aloud in court after successfully fighting a violation of the GPL. :-)

  • Credits Theme (2005) - (rg|mid)

    A remix of Rabbit Holes that is played during the credits sequence. The change of speed and instrumentation as well as the additional piano line give the song a whole different atmosphere.

SuperTux Sheet Music

Other Songs

  • Oldschool reEducated (2008)

    My entry for the Breakpoint 2008 Streaming Music competition. More information, as well as additional credits and copyright notes can be found here.

  • Prophecy (2007)

    An interesting piece that serves no specific purpose - give it one if you like. For more information on the song itself, read this blog entry.

  • Snowball Surprise Theme (2005)

    This is the theme song for an OpenSource game called Snowball Surprise, which was cancelled and later resurrected as Snowballz (for which I also have a background tune in the works). Due to the developers' change of plans, the theme never made it into the game.

  • Nightfall (2005)

    A melodic tune I made for another game called Windstille. This is an updated version with different instrumentation than the one I originally committed.

  • VOIPatience (2005)

    A melody I made for the telephone waiting loop at my university. I think it's still in use.

  • Forging Worlds (2004/2005)

    One of the last two songs left that is based on a mod is this little piece I made for Worldforge. A more professional remake called Medieval Dance is in the works, but unfortunately I never finished it until now.

  • Feel For The Hammer (2004)

    The other mod song that still doesn't have a finished updated counterpart. This is a song I made from a set of Battlecry-generated lyrics (which you can download here). You'll get the general idea, but it won't be half as funny unless it's actually performed by a band. Anyone interested? :-)

Creative Commons License
All songs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License, unless stated otherwise. Derivatives must use the same or compatible license or, at your option, its non-commercial version (CC-by-sa-nc). For special permissions, please contact me.

It's the way to go, kill the radio
Time to make your own transmission in the storm
Hurry on below, with the antidote
I wanna see the underground rise up and soar
--Machinae Supremacy, "Radio Future"