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Music, Free Software & Bad Jokes

...that's what I replied once when somebody asked me about my interests. And that's what is going to be about. More precisely, what I'm going to cover on this website is the following topics:

  • The music I make, including the tracks themselves for download
  • Free software projects which I participate in or which just spark my interest
  • My experience with free software in general, with the emphasis on using Linux as a musician

All of this in a shiny new Web 2.0 outfit powered by the <a href=">Drupal Content Management System which makes high-quality content visually indistinguishable from useless private home pages. Which category this one belongs to, I leave for you to decide.

The above tagline is nicely summarized by Battlecry, the Power Metal lyrics generator I wrote a while back. It can be used for other nonsensical poetry as well, so feel free to give it a try, even if Heavy Metal is not among your favourites. :-) Alternatively, you can check out my music page, the rest of my blog, or head directly to the website of SuperTux, my main spare-time project.

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