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Alphaone's Personal Openmoko Sound Theme

Finally I, too, am the proud owner of a Neo Freerunner Linux Smartphone! I flashed the SHR firmware image yesterday and I was surprised to find that they still ship it with one of my early ring tones set as default. But that's not the reason why this is worth blogging about.

My friend and roommate Daniel gave me the device for a very nice bargain: He wanted a personal sound theme in return. And of course, in the spirit of the whole Freerunner idea, he wants to make it available to everyone. He mentioned that he liked futuristic computer voices, and I mentioned that I liked bad jokes. :)
So I came up with this one I call HAL Is Other People.

The funny thing is, by the time I'm posting this he doesn't even know I finished it. Maybe he'll get the news on his feed reader while he's out buzz-fixing more Freerunners. Surprise, and thank you! :-)

Update (2009-07-1):
The sound theme has been updated to version 1.0, I changed the above link accordingly and removed the beta information. More information here.

Update (2009-07-08):
I have released another update to version 1.1 that features increased volume for all sounds. The link above has been changed again. The female-voice sounds from version 1.1 will be included as the default sound theme for the upcoming FSO milestone 5.5.