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Display Images From A USB Drive Using PhotoFrame

There is a way that will allow the PhotoFrame Chumby Widget to display images that are stored on a USB drive; it is a bit tricky, but it works. The idea is to replace the web server that runs on the Chumby with one that is installed on the USB drive which will allow you to configure it easily.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Follow this tutorial to get lighttpd running on your Chumby. If you simply use the pre-built binaries, like I did, this is merely a matter of minutes.

  2. Install the PhotoFrame widget as described here. Copy the crossdomain.xml file into the "lighty/html" directory on the USB drive.

  3. Put your images and images.xml file into a subdirectory of "lighty/html". Alternatively, you can put them into any directory on the USB drive and edit lighttpd.conf to create an alias:

    server.modules = ( "mod_cgi", "mod_accesslog", "mod_alias" )
    alias.url = ( "/yourdirectory/" => "/mnt/usb/path/to/your/images/" )
  4. On the Chumby website, configure the PhotoFrame widget so it points to the following URL:

  5. Make sure that the USB drive is plugged into the Chumby when you power it on. PhotoFrame should now display your images.