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Comments Closed Due To Spam

Due to massive amounts of spam I had to close the comments section on this website. If you wish to contact me you can find my contact information on the "Credits, Contact, Copyright" page that is linked to at the footer of every site. Sorry about that.

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A New Song on

Today I have uploaded a new song to my page. It's called The Wedding Microsymphony and it appears on the "Miscellaneous" album. As the name suggests, the piece is a tiny symphony (four movements, nearly five minutes play time) which I gave to two of my closest friends as a wedding gift. For that reason I will not make it available as a public download; however, with their permission, I added it for streaming on so if you play my radio or add my music to your library, you might come across it.


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Remixes And Performances by Tobias Frei

On his newly-established website, Tobias Frei ("ToBeFree") posted his piano/synthesizer performances of some of my songs. Included are, among others, Oldschool reEducated, Prophecy, Forest Dance and the SuperTux Theme. He also posted his own compositions in a similar style which are definitely worth checking out! The page is still under construction so there's more to come in the near future.

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Configuring The Guru Plug

Here's a list of steps to get you started with the Guru Plug. It's basically a summary of information scattered across various websites. I'm mainly using this as a reference for myself but I'm posting it here in case you might find it useful, too.

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Dark Forest Keep Updated

Here is a remix of my favourite SuperTux Song so far, called Dark Forest Keep Symphonic Remix. It's basically the same song as in SuperTux Milestone 2 but rendered using a professional orchestra sample library which makes it sounds a lot more realistic and provides a much deeper atmosphere. If you liked the original, you should definitely check it out.
It's also on the music page.


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Scientific Progress Goes "BOINK"

For anyone who is interested, here is my finished Diploma Thesis. It is titled Methoden des Software-Systemdesigns am Beispiel des Zugleitbetriebs - Eine Vergleichsstudie or, in English, Comparison of Software System Design Methods at the Example of "Zugleitbetrieb" (Train Guidance System). The paper is written in German but I'll present the abstract in English as well.

Openmoko Sound Theme Updated

HAL Is Other People, the Openmoko sound theme I made for Alphaone, has been updated to version 1.0.

Signature Wave

This is something cool. Something extremely geeky. Something I've been wanting to do for quite some time.

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Birthday Presents Forever

This is a gift coupon my friends gave me for my 18th birthday. Even if you don't know German, you can probably guess what this is about. Looks like they got away cheap. :-)

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Alphaone's Personal Openmoko Sound Theme

Finally I, too, am the proud owner of a Neo Freerunner Linux Smartphone! I flashed the SHR firmware image yesterday and I was surprised to find that they still ship it with one of my early ring tones set as default. But that's not the reason why this is worth blogging about.

My friend and roommate Daniel gave me the device for a very nice bargain: He wanted a personal sound theme in return. And of course, in the spirit of the whole Freerunner idea, he wants to make it available to everyone.


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