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Download Battlecry

Latest stable release
The latest stable release, as well as older versions, can be downloaded from the SourceForge project page.

Latest CVS snapshot (recommended)
This is a snapshot of the latest development version. Since the latest stable release is horribly outdated, this is probably the one you want.

To get the latest code from CVS:
1) Make sure you have a CVS client installed on your machine. For Linux users, chances are that your distro already comes with one installed. Windows and Mac users can download a client from
2) Enter the directory on your hard disk you want to download Battlecry to. From here, use these commands to download Battlecry:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co battlecry

A sub-directory called "battlecry" will be created containing the latest code from the CVS repository. Please note that the CVS does not contain pre-compiled binaries, so you have to compile the source code yourself. For that, you need the Java Software Development Kit which can be downloaded from

If you want to update the code later, simply enter the battlecry directory and type "cvs update".

How to run the program:
Check if your computer can run Java applications.
To do so, open a command line, type "java" and hit enter. If you see a message like "unknown command" or similar, you need to install the Java Runtime Environment: Go to this page, download the software for your operating system and install it. It's not very large, just a few megabytes, and chances are you will need this program anyway some day.

Download Battlecry, unpack it into a directory on your hard drive and run it by executing the command "java -jar battlecry.jar" inside that directory. Windows users can simply do this by double-clicking the file "battlecry.bat", Linux/Unix users can execute "" instead. (In version 0.1, the files are called "gui.bat" and "".)

Battlecry and its source code can be distributed freely under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence (v2 or later).