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About Battlecry

Did you ever want to write a Power Metal song, but you couldn't think of any lyrics? Then Battlecry is the tool for you!

Battlecry generates random lyrics for Power Metal and other songs using word lists, grammar definitions and other information that can be specified by the user. I started writing it for fun on a lazy weekend in 2003 and added a few more features over time. Now, Battlecry creates random, rhyming lyrics that even pay attention to correct metrum which makes them actually singable. It can load user-created modules containing word lists, grammar definitions, verse layout and rhyme schemes that will be used to generate the lyrics. The included readme file contains detailed information on how to create your own modules.

Of course, the lyrics will still make no sense at all. But show me a Power Metal song that does :-P

Battlecry is available in two versions: As downloadable program or as a Java applet which you can use on the Battlecry main page without having to download anything. The applet version, however, does not allow you to use other modules than the default Power Metal module.

There is also a song I made with lyrics generated by Battlecry. You can download it (together with the lyrics, of course) at the music page.

Here's a screenshot of the GUI:

Have fun! :-)

Let me hear the battlecry
Calling on the wind
Let me see the banners fly
Before the storm begins
--Judas Priest, "One Shot At Glory"